Famous Akita Prefecture producer, Takashimizu, appoints EMW as the exclusive Sake Importer and Distributor for Greater China

Date : 2020.08.21

2020-08-21, Shanghai - Akita Shurui Seizo Co., Ltd. (Takashimizu) and EMW Fine Wines (Shanghai) Limited (EMW) have signed an exclusive import and distribution agreement for the Greater China market which includes Hong Kong and Macau.


“It was our great honor to develop China with an excellent partner like EMW. The Chinese market is full of possibilities and we have great faith in the potential that EMW has in the market. We have been achieving outstanding scores and awards at many formal sake tasting competitions and roadshows. We will devote ourselves to providing delicious Japanese sake with great pleasure. We have chosen EMW as our exclusive importer and distributor for Greater China to be an important part of EMW’s sake program, so that all our clients can taste the authentic Akita sake.”
—— Akita Shurui Seizo Co., Ltd.


Akita Prefecture is one of the indispensable origins for sake, not only because of its excellent quality, but also for the fact that each sake is unique. Akita Prefecture has always been known as the “Beautiful Sake Kingdom, Best Rice from Akita”. It is also the origin of Yeast No.6, the earliest yet still existing Ginjo yeast. It can be said that Akita Prefecture started the new era for Ginjo sake. “We are very excited to represent Takashimizu in our market”, said Edouard Duval, CEO. “Takashimizu not only makes outstanding Sake from Akita Prefecture but it is also one of the values in the market for super premium Junmaidaiginjo and Junmaiginjo. We are looking forward to introducing these Sakes to our customers.”



About Takashimizu


Takashimizu is the famous brand of Sake produced by the Akita Shurui Seizoh Co.,Ltd. (Akita Shurui). The company was formed after the World War II by merging 12 small craft breweries in the area to overcome the challenging economic conditions of the time.


Since this time it has risen to become one of the leading Sake producers from Akita Prefecture. They have been awarded a Gold Medal at the Annual Japan New Sake Awards for 15 consecutive years. This is the 2nd best performance of any brewery.


Akita Prefecture is famous for being the home to Japan’s table rice and historically produces many highly awarded Sakes. It is also the origin of the #6 Association Yeast which has become the important yeast for the production of Ginjo type Sake.


Sake Portfolio


TK01-TAKASHIMIZU Junmaidaiginjo 35


TK02-TAKASHIMIZU Junmaidaiginjo







EMW Fine Wines


EMW is a leading importer, distributor and brand builder in Greater China market, working closely with more than 90 leading family-owned estates from 16 countries around the world.  EMW has an unequalled distribution network to top restaurants, hotels, wine shops, online VIP customers and an exclusive network of distribution covering over 160 cities in China.  EMW has been awarded “Best Wine Importer” for nine consecutive years since 2011 by China Sommeliers Wine Challenge/Wine 100 Challenge.




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