East Meets West Fine Wines Signs a New Distribution Partnership in Mainland China with Mystic Island

Date : 2022.03.03

Shanghai, March 3rd, 2022 – East Meets West Fine Wines (Shanghai) Limited (EMW) and Mystic Island, a winery in Shandong, China, signed an exclusive on-trade distribution agreement for Mainland China.



Founded in 2008, Mystic Island is situated at the Qiushan Valley at the southern foot of Mount Qiu, Penglai, Yantai, Shandong. It is adjacent to the Mount Qiu Reservoir in the east and Domaine de Long Dai in the north. The estate is known for crafting premium wines and bringing together culture, art and ecology. 


Penglai is the only China-based wine area among the seven major coastal wine regions in the world. The Mount Qiu Valley is one of the core wine areas of Penglai. In Chinese mythology, there are three sacred mountains in the Bohai Sea, namely, Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang, which are the abodes of the gods. Mount Qiu is named after Qiu Chuji, one of the Seven True Daoists of the North. The name of the winery – "Mystic Island" – is inspired by the myths, legends and long history of Penglai. 



The vineyard of Mystic Island covers 8.84 hectares with an annual volume of about 32,000 bottles. Five grape varieties are planted there: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Chardonnay. The winemaking process of the estate is underlined by harmonious coexistence with nature. It has reclaimed 172-level terraced plots based on the topography of the vineyard and the grape varieties, which impart complexity to its wines. Besides, the winery adopts a sustainable viticulture model for grape growing and vineyard management and minimizes manual intervention in the winemaking process.



The brand logo and wine label of Mystic Island are also designed to pay a tribute to nature. The logo is composed of a mountain-shaped M and bottom lines that symbolize terraces and water. It is reminiscent of a landscape painting and represents the topography of the winery and the characteristics of the vineyard. The wine label resembles a masquerade mask and also a bird. The mask is a symbol of mystery. The bird is inspired by magpies that are seen everywhere in the winery. Like a family member and guardian of the winery, they watch over the beautiful vineyard silently year in, year out.



At this serene and vibrant land is also situated the Mystic Island Resort Villa. The main buildings are in the shape of a fan. The villa spaces centers around an open courtyard, providing a serene environment protected from the elements yet still linked with the outdoors. The height of the buildings decreases by degrees towards the east, west and south to align with the hillsides on both sides and blend seamlessly into the natural landscape.




While pursuing eco-friendly growth, Mystic Island has been applying advanced technology to equipment innovation and talent cultivation. Its backbone members include James Bowskill, an expert in viticulture who used to work at Odyssey, Marlborough, New Zealand, and chief winemaker Allen Hedgman, who had worked for several international wineries. Mystic Island has received a number of domestic and international wine awards, including the 2021 FIWA Grand Gold Medal, the 2021 Berliner Wein Trophy Gold Medal and the 2020 AWSA Gold Medal.



Olivier Six, CEO, EMW Fine Wines


"When I visited Mystic Island for the first time, I was impressed by the vineyards, the winery, and the quality of their wines. They integrate technology with respect to nature and strive for a balance between them. EMW looks forward to teaming up with Mystic Island to bring wines that are characteristic of the terroirs of Penglai closer to consumers."



Rita Cheung, Owner, Mystic Island


"It is with great pleasure to introduce to all wine lovers our Brand 'YIHU' from Mystic Island. We founded the company in 2008, and it was fulfilling to have achieved our original goals in securing jobs for villagers, creating new jobs in Qiushan Valley Wine District and protecting its environment. We are very glad to be in collaboration with EMW, with our mutual perspectives and visions. We believe that we can work hand in hand to create something amazing together. I hope you would enjoy our wines as much as I do and at the same time join us in supporting, and protecting the environment. Thank you and Cheers!"


Wine Portfolio


YIHU Mystic Valley Dry Red Wine, Shandong Penglai


YIHU Rose Wine, Shandong Penglai


YIHU Dry Red Wine, Shandong Penglai


YIHU Chardonnay Dry White Wine, Shandong Penglai


YIHU Petit Verdot Reserve Dry Red Wine, Shandong Penglai


YIHU Chardonnay Reserve Dry White Wine, Shandong Penglai


EMW Fine Wines


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