EMW Appointed Exclusive Importer and Distributor for Award Winning Rikyubai Sake for the Territory of Mainland China

Date : 2020.08.11


2020-08-11, Shanghai - EMW (Shanghai) Trading Company Limited (EMW) and the famous Osaka based brewery, Daimon Sake Brewery (Daimon), have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in Mainland China for their award winning Rikyubai Sake series.


“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to be working with East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW)”, said Yasutaka Daimon, head of the historic Osaka brewery. “China is filled with many traditions and has a rich history. It is important and invaluable to have the guidance of EMW, a pioneer and dominant player in the wine market, to navigate this huge market.  Daimon Sake Brewery was founded in 1826 (9th year of Bunsei) in Mukune Village, at the foot of the beautiful mountain range of Ikoma. Located in Katano, Kitakawachi, our Brewery sits in the northeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, in the middle of the historical plains between Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. For nearly 200 years, we have continued to brew sake based on the culture of Katano, using traditional sake-making techniques. Our water, coming directly from the mountains behind us, is moderately soft water. The fermentation of moromi (the main mash) grows gently, and the soft umami taste of rice will remain until the end of the fermentation. We hope that the Chinese customers can enjoy the umami taste deeply rooted in our Kamigata food culture.” He goes on to say, “When our international customers do visit Osaka in the future, we hope they can visit Daimon Sake Brewery and spend the time to enjoy and experience our traditional style of sake brewing. We look forward to welcoming everyone here.”



EMW is very excited to be partnered with Daimon and to represent their award winning Rikyubai series in Mainland China. Rikyubai is a symbol of Tea Ceremony and Kaiseki course, and is an important sake to pair with the cuisine to bring out the deep flavors of fresh seasonal foods.  It also brings a special experience on the nose with its elegant and complex aromas.  “I believe the taste, value, and packaging of this Sake will really impress our clients in mainland China,” said Knight Hu, Sake Brand Manager of EMW. Hu continues by saying, “We are introducing Rikyubai from Daimon Sake Brewery to China, not only to let our Chinese customers have a taste of the excellent product from Daimon Sake Brewery, but also hoping they can taste the classic style of the sake.” Rikyubai is the classic series of Daimon Sake Brewery and it is based on the historical culture of Osaka.


In the spring of 2020, at the Hong Kong TTSA Sake Competition, RIKYUBAI “Shizuka” Junmaiginjo, won the highest honor in the competition, being awarded the “Overall 2020 Champion Sake” and the “2020 Best of Category” for the important “Junmaiginjo” category.  This annual competition evaluates hundreds of sakes by both a panel of Sake experts and a panel of Sake consumers. In earning the top award of Overall Champion the RIKYUBAI “Shizuka” Junmaiginjo was ranked “Top Junmaiginjo” by both the expert panel and the consumer panel.  


Rikyubai is a type of decoration flower used in Tea Ceremony, and it became famous because the Tea Ceremony Master Senrikyu likes to use it in Tea Ceremony presentation. Therefore when people mentioned Rikyubai in Japan it makes people relate to the elegant Tea Ceremony and delicate Kaiseki cuisine. And Rikyubai is like its name, elegant and delicate, passed on from generation to generation.



About Daimon Sake Brewery


The history of Daimon Sake Brewery goes back to 1826, the name of the founder is Hanzaemon Yoshiyuki. He used the clear spring water coming from the mountain and the premium rice grown from the flatland to produce sake and sold his Sake locally which helped him to build up a high reputation over time. Thus, the young Hanzaemon Yoshiyuki named the brewery “Shu Han” and with full confidence, he started his career in sake. The name was subsequently changed to Daimon Brewery.


“Shu Han” is made up of two parts, one is the word “Shu” which means sake and “Han” is the first character in Hanzaemon and also means selling. At the same time, the pronunciation of “Shu Han” is similar to Sake Shop, which means there is sake for sale. The brewery uses the same water as Yamazaki Whisky from Ikoma Mountain, close to Hyogo Prefecture. Today the running of the brewery has been passed on to its sixth generation. In the past 200 years, despite the impact of the changes of different times, the family devotes themselves to sake producing. They want to make the drinker feel their passion and the rich culture in their sake.


Sake Portfolio

RIKYUBAI “Shizuka ”Junmaiginjo


RIKYUBAI “Seizanryokusui ” Tokubetsujunmai



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