EMW Fine Wines and Godet Cognac begin new Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

Date : 2020.12.10

The importer-distributor EMW Fine Wines and the 15th generation heritage cognac brand,  COGNAC GODET, are proud to announce their new exclusive partnership within Greater China, which includes Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau markets. This collaboration officially commences December 2020.



Olivier Six, EMW Fine Wines, COO


"We are thrilled to begin our distribution partnership with Cognac Godet. Godet is an artisan producer, 100% family owned for over 432 years, with a unique product line that includes classic cognac and also single grape variety and single terroir cognacs, a rare legacy of cognac, that fits within our portfolio of world class estates from around the world. This is an important and historical independent estate in Cognac. At the same time China is the world's important market for Cognac. We look forward to building the market in China together.”



Jean Edouard Godet, 15th generation of Cognac Godet – Owner


"For 15 generations our family has been elaborating cognac in La Rochelle by the sea where our business began so many years ago. In this unique location our cognacs are distilled, aged and blended using the experience and knowledge passed down from father to son over generations.  In this seaside location we handcraft a beautiful expression of cognac following the traditions of our family since 1588.


Today we are proud to announce our new cooperation with EMW, a company with a great family spirit. We both share the same objective, to deliver authenticity and great quality to the curious consumers who care about the products they consume. China is a remarkable market for cognac with many connoisseurs and many opportunities for new consumers to discover this beautiful expression of grape, history and place."



Cognac Godet – Since the Cognac Exists


With a history dating back to 1588, the House of Godet ranks amongst the oldest Cognac houses. The Godet family has been based in the seaside town and former trading hub La Rochelle for over 400 years. Since the very beginning of Cognac production, they have played an important role in perfecting this culture. Cognac Godet has been in the hands of the same family for an astonishing 15 generations, who have placed tradition and excellence at the heart of their business. Godet is also one of the few Cognac producers who focus on cultivating and using the Folle Blanche grape variety, the original Cognac grape.



Exported around the world across a network of 60 national distributors, the House of Godet aims to express Cognac's multiple terroirs and emotions through a portfolio of varied, traditional and modern cognacs. Limited production, long maturation, hand-crafted and on demand bottling of tailor made cuvées are some of Godet's deep beliefs.


Cognac Portfolio




GODET COGNAC XO Fine Champagne


GODET COGNAC Single Cru 22 Years – Grand Champagne


GODET COGNAC Single Cru 15 Years – Fins Bois






GODET COGNAC Renaissance


GODET COGNAC Single Vintage


EMW Fine Wines


EMW is a leading importer, distributor and brand builder in Greater China market, working closely with more than 90 leading family-owned and premium wine estates, sake breweries and craft spirit producers from 16 countries around the world.  EMW has an unequalled distribution network to top restaurants, hotels, wine shops, online VIP customers and an exclusive network of distribution covering over 160 cities in China. EMW has been awarded “Best Wine Importer” for ten consecutive years since 2011 by China Sommeliers Wine Challenge/WINE 100 Challenge.




Knight Hu 
EMW Brand Manager, Greater China
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Juanita Yu          
EMW Senior Brand Manager, Greater China
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