EMW Signs a New Distribution Partnership in Greater China with The Starting Point

Date : 2022.04.02

Shanghai, 2 April 2022 - East Meets West Fine Wines (Shanghai) Limited (EMW) and The Starting Point, a winery in Ningxia, China, signed an exclusive omni-channel distribution agreement for Hong Kong and Macau, and an exclusive on-trade distribution agreement for Mainland China. 


The Starting Point Winery is situated at the eastern foothills of Helan Mountains, Ningxia, where it has vineyards of about 15 hectares. When most winemakers just started growing grapes and making wines in Ningxia, The Starting Point had already secured a foothold there. The oldest vineyards of the estate date back to 1997, when it started reclaiming and cultivating the sandy soil and growing wine grapes. It is one of the pioneers in the Ningxia wine industry.



True Expression of Ningxia Terroir 


The Chinese name of the winery is composed of two Chinese characters - "源" and "点". The triple dots on the left of "源" symbolize the Yellow River, which is the water source for the vineyards in Ningxia and cultivated the civilization and culture of the region for thousands of years. The four dots at the bottom of "点" symbolize the lofty Helan Mountain.


The eastern foothills of Helan Mountain lie at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. The mid-temperate semi-arid continental climate with adequate sunshine and wide diurnal temperature difference imparts the grapes with pleasant ripeness and also the desired acidity. Besides, with the Helan Mountain blocking the eastward invasion of desert and cold air, this region stands out for high-quality grapes and fine wines. 


The unique Ningxia terroir imparts an exceptional quality to the grapes, which are made into premium wines that give pure, true expression of the land in turn. 


Respect for Nature


The Starting Point adopts a low-carbon and environmentally friendly approach to vineyard management which minimizes manual intervention and respects nature. 


The Starting Point imported grapevines from France and grew them in their 66.7-hectare vineyards in 1997. Now the grapevines are 23 years old on average. As an advocate of time-tested traditions and techniques such as natural farming, the winery uses cow manure from local farms as organic fertilizers to enrich and balance organic substances and microorganisms in the soil. Grapes are harvested by hand when they ripen. During the winemaking, almost no chemicals are added to the ingredients, not even sulfur dioxide.


Amphora Orange Wine


The Starting Point Amphora Orange Wine is a pioneering natural wine among Chinese wineries. A traditional technique is used in the wine-making process, during which ceramic pots with wines are buried in the ground to make the soil absorb as much heat as possible generated during the fermentation. Meanwhile, the slight permeability of the ceramic pots allows the wines to come into contact with oxygen, which imparts complexity in aroma and flavor during the maturation. 


This Amphora Orange Wine is an elegant combination of soft, delicate taste, fresh acidity and balanced tannin. The passage of time only enhances the characteristic color and aroma of this natural wine with great aging potentials.


The Starting Point vineyard


Old grapevines in The Starting Point vineyard 



Olivier Six, CEO, EMW Fine Wines


"Chinese wineries have become an integral part of EMW's portfolio. The establishment of the partnership with The Starting Point has undoubtedly opened a new pathway for our wide-ranging distribution of Chinese fine wines. We're looking forward to working with The Starting Point to explore the terroir of Helan Mountain, Ningxia."



Reisa Jiang, Owner, The Starting Point


"Chinese fine wine has only been somewhat recognized in the recent years. Farming the historical vineyards in China, we are proud and privileged to be the pioneering generation of vignerons to represent the unique terroir of the Helan Mountain in a natural, low human intervention way."


Wine Portfolio


The Starting Point Amphora Orange Wine


The Starting Point Riesling


The Starting Point Syrah


The Starting Point Cabernet Sauvignon


EMW Fine Wines


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