EMW and Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre signed an exclusive Distribution Agreement for Greater China

Date : 2021.06.08

Shanghai, June 8th, 2021 - East Meets West Fine Wines (Shanghai) Limited (EMW) and Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre, an organic domaine of Beaujolais, France, signed an exclusive Distribution Agreement for Greater China, including Hong Kong & Macau.


Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre started their vineyard in 2001 in Saint-Étienne-des-Oullières, on the right bank of the Saône River. Since then, they went from 5 to 12 hectares.


Their approach was inspired by Jules Chauvet, the winemaker, chemist and incredible taster, who wanted a return to traditional methods to make lighter and more aromatic wines. 





Ecocert is a French organic certification body approved by the Department of Industry. Ecocertified manufacturers have their ingredients and processes audited twice in a year by Ecocert to ensure it is complying with all the rules of the organic certification standard.


AB stands for Agriculture Biologique ("Organic Farming") that is a set of agricultural practices that avoid the use of synthetic chemicals in favor of naturally occurring pesticides, fertilizer, and other growing aids. It is an organic certification label managed by the French Department of Agriculture and only approved for products that meet their acceptable edible food standards.


Wine Portfolio


Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre, Premices Beaujolais Village AOC


Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre, Brouilly AOC


Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre, Cotes de Brouilly AOC


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