Mutsu-Hassen wins World Sakagura Ranking

Date : 2021.12.30

30 December, 2021 - We are proud to announce that Mutsu-Hassen took the crown of the 2021 World Sakagura Ranking in December!



The World Sakagura Ranking highlights the highly-acclaimed breweries at sake competitions all over the world along with their noted brands. It is a point of reference to all the sake lovers in search of their favorite sakes.


The ranking point is based on the performance of the breweries at the six major sake competitions in 2021. The more awards the brewery won, the more points it is awarded.


With 1,255 points, in 2021 Mutsu-Hassen ranked FIRST among 643 breweries and 2,044 sakes submitted to the ranking.



About World Sakagura Ranking


"Ranking the most highly rated sake breweries by global contest results."


  • The World Sakagura ("brewery" in Japanese) Ranking assigns points to each sake brewery based on their results in worldwide sake contests every year.

  • There are over 1,500 sake breweries around the world now, and this ranking only applies to the top 50 scorers.

  • The ranking is all the more trustworthy because its only rating criteria is the six sake contest results following strict evaluations, which are all public.

  • Breweries can never get high scores until they invest in equipment, skills, ingredients, and staff, as it is an important representative of their real quality.


Mutsu-Hassen New Arrival in January


Mutsu-Hassen Daiginjo

Mutsu-Hassen Kijoshu Premium

Mutsu-Hassen Prototype 2021 

Mutsu-Hassen Hiyaoroshi Junmaiginjo

Mutsu-Hassen Mixseed Apero

Mutsu-Hassen Mixseed Accords de sake

Mutsu-Hassen Mixseed Digestif

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